50 Best Songs by Taylor Swift – Unleash Your Inner Swiftie.
March 5, 2023

50 Best Songs by Taylor Swift – Unleash Your Inner Swiftie.

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars of our time, whose talent and charisma captivate audiences worldwide. From her early days as a country singer-songwriter to her chart-topping pop hits, she has won the hearts of millions with her honest lyrics and catchy melodies. So let’s explore the impressive discography of this sensational artist! Here are the 50 Best songs by Taylor Swift, that showcase her musical prowess – from heart-wrenching ballads to infectious anthems that will make you dance all night long. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to her music, these Taylor Swift hits are sure to delight!

Top songs by Taylor swift:

Taylor’s songwriting skills have been praised by many, with her ability to craft compelling lyrics that tell stories and convey powerful messages. In this blog post, We are going to check out the Top and Best songs by Taylor Swift.

50 Best songs By Taylor Swift:

1.”Shake it off” from the Album 1989 (2014).

2.”You Belong With Me” from the Album Fearless (2009).

3.”Blank Space” from the Album 1989 (2014).

4.”Love Story” from the Album Fearless (2008).

5.”I Knew You Were Trouble” from the Album Red (2012).

6.”We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” from the Album Red (2012).

7.”Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar from the Album 1989 (2014).

8.”I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” by Zayn and Taylor Swift from Fifty Shades Darker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2016).

9.”Wildest Dreams” from the Album 1989 (2015).

10.”Style” from the Album 1989 (2015).

11.”Look What You Made Me Do” from the Album Reputation (2017).

12.”Anti-Hero” from the Album Midnights (2022).

13.”Mine” from the Album Speak Now (2010).

14.”Teardrops on My Guitar” from the Album Taylor Swift (2007).

15.”Our Song” from the Album Taylor Swift (2007).

16.”You Need to Calm Down” from the Album Lover (2019).

17.”Me!” by Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie from the Album Lover (2019).

18.”Delicate” from the Album Reputation (2018).

19.”Back to December” from the Album Speak Now (2010).

20.”Willow” from the Album Evermore (2020).

21.”Two is Better Than One” by Boys Like Girls, featuring Taylor Swift from the Album Love Drunk (2009).

22.”Today Was a Fairytale” from the Album Valentine’s Day (2010).

23.”All too Well“(Taylor’s Version) from the Album Red (2021).

24.”White Horse” from the Album Fearless (2008).

25.”Lover” from the Album Lover (2019).

26.”Cardigan” from the Album Folklore (2020).

27.”….Ready for It?” from the Album Reputation (2017).

28.”22” from the Album Red (2013).

29.”Fifteen” from the Album Fearless (2009).

30.”Highway Don’t Care” by Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift featuring Keith Urban from the Album Two Lanes of Freedom (2013).

31.”Mean” from the Album Speak Now (2011).

32.”Lavender Haze” from the Album Midnights (2022).

33.”Ours” from the Album Speak Now (2011)

34.”Midnight Rain” from the Album Midnights (2022).

35.“Red” from the Album Red (2011)

36.”Eyes Open” from the Movie soundtrack of The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond (2012).

37.”Bejeweled” from the Album Midnights (2022).

38.”Tim Mc Graw” from the Album Taylor Swift (2006).

39.”Everything has Changed” by Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran from the Album Red (2013).

40.”Should’ve Said No” from the Album Taylor Swift (2008)

41.”Exile” by Taylor Swift Featuring Bon Iver from the Album Folklore (2020).

42″Mirrorball” from the Album Folklore (2020).

43.”Getaway Car” from the Album Reputation (2018).

44.”Dear John” from the Album Speak Now (2010).

45.”Mastermind” from the Album Midnights (2022).

46.”The Man” from the Album Lover (2020)

47.”Begin Again” From the Album Red (2012).

48.”This is me Trying” from the Album Folklore (2020).

49.”Invisible String” from the Album Folklore (2020)

50.Betty” from the Album Folklore (2020).

Taylor Swift’s hit song “Love Story” showcases her ability to tell stories through her lyrics and capture the complexities of love and relationships. 

Over the past decade, Swift has released an impressive repertoire of catchy and memorable songs, including “Shake It Off,” “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood,” and many more. 

Her ability to connect with audiences on a personal level has made her an iconic figure in the music industry who continues to inspire and captivate listeners everywhere.

 With this kind of talent, there is no doubt Taylor Swift will continue to be a beloved figure in the music industry for years to come!

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